Electrical Installation and Repair Services

A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration also provides a vast range of reliable, high-quality electrical services to domestic, commercial, and industrial clients. We take pride in delivering each electrical service according to the highest standards of safety ad quality, ensuring all your systems are working safely and efficiently.

We have extensive experience in working on various properties and with several clients, including landlords and private families in homes and flats, property managers and business owners in commercial and industrial properties. We also offer our services to contractors who require repairs or new electrical equipment installations in newly built or refurbished properties.

Our team will provide a reliable solution that suits your electrical requirements, whether you need a comprehensive electrical installation on a new build or refurbishment project, a complete testing and inspection service, or a simple repair solution. To take advantage of our expert electrical services and affordable rates, contact us today on 01259 212803 or at alan@amcgillivray.co.uk.

Electrical Installations

At A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration, we take pride in delivering a high-quality electrical system design, management, and installation for new or refurbishment projects, taking care to meet all your unique requirements. Our highly professional electricians are fully qualified to carry out a full range of electrical installation work on all types of projects, whether as part of residential rewiring, office refurbishment, factory upgrades, shop installations, and more.

Testing and Inspections

Electrical testing and inspections are carried out regularly to determine electrical installations’ condition and identify and fix any possible faults. A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration has the skills and qualifications to carry out all the necessary inspections to keep all electrical systems and appliances working correctly and safely.

Portable Appliance Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is a test designed to ensure the continued safe use of various portable appliances. A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration can carry out comprehensive, thorough PAT testing, using our skills and exceptional attention to detail to ensure your continued safety.

Once we have completed the necessary testing, we will compile and provide a PAT certificate detailing the appliances tested and their location and the result of the test. Where necessary, we can also assist you in rectifying any issues found during the inspection, ensuring the continued functioning of your appliances.

Periodic Inspection Reports

A Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) is a test done on commercial and residential properties to determine the condition of various electrical elements, including wiring, installations, and connections. At A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration, we are qualified to carry various necessary tests and inspections, including PAT, PIR, and visual inspection reports.

Our expert team are committed to carrying out all inspections and tests according to the highest British standards for electrical installations, including those defined by the IEE Wiring Regulations and BS 7671. Following our assessments, we also offer any remedial work to fix any faults and to prevent any future faults from occurring.

Cable Management

We know that good quality cable management is essential in any working environment, which is why we offer professional general cable, desk cable, and below-floor cable management services to help you keep your cables in a neat, tidy condition. We offer tailored cable management services that suit your unique requirements, whether you require comprehensive relocation and underfloor panel installation or more simple desk management and tidying up. We can also complete any upgrades to your system, allowing for a hassle-free overhaul with minimal disruption.

Data Installations

Data cable networks are designed to transport information in, out, and around office buildings and come in various types, including fibre optic cabling, CAT5/5e, CAT6, and CAT7. A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration offers a reliable, cost-effective network data cable installation service that ensures your business stays secure, effective, and connected.

Our all-encompassing approach allows us to provide small and large offices with fully bespoke, custom-tailored data cabling installation solutions, taking care to ensure a professional, hands-on service from start to finish. We work closely with our clients to determine and design the best network option for our clients, and take great care to install the necessary cables, panels, ad all other components according to the highest standards.

We are also fully aware of the rigorous usage of network cabling, which is why all our structured cabling installations are tested according to the highest standards, giving you complete peace of mind that your cabling systems are working safely and efficiently. We are fully up-to-date on all the latest data and security legislation, and as a result, are committed to upholding our clients’ complete confidentiality at all times.

Lighting Systems

We are committed to providing bespoke lighting solutions sure to suit the unique layout and requirements of your commercial or residential property. Our experienced lighting specialists can carry out the sourcing, installation and maintenance of a wide variety of interior and exterior lighting systems, including downlights, spotlights, and more.

Our expert electricians can map out the ideal security and emergency lighting system that suits your building and surrounding property. We can install and maintain a wide range of security lighting elements, including motion sensor lighting and energy lighting. We can also install emergency systems that provide lighting should the main power supply fail.

Repairs and Maintenance

Whether you need a one-off repair service to fix a minor electrical issue, or an ongoing maintenance contract to ensure the efficient, long-term functioning of your commercial or residential electrical systems, our expert electrical engineers can help. Every electrician at A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration is committed to delivering a reliable thorough service sure to leave all your electric appliances and systems working efficiently. We can expertly fix a range of faulty appliances and wiring systems, including:

  • Exposed wires.
  • Tripping breakers.
  • Dead outlets.
  • Flickering and dimming lights.
  • Fuse board problems.
  • Full or partial rewires.

Our team will begin by inspecting your home or business to determine the extent f the problems, and will immediately work to rectify them. No matter the extent of your electrical repair needs, we will work tirelessly to meet them quickly and efficiently.


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